Ringsel is a sausage coveted cornbread batter and deep-fried
Ringsel is a veteran of the CIA director operations in US navy SEAL Team three
it is 5'8 inches tall and has green eyes
Ringsel was an operative in The Third Echelon a clandestine division at the National Security Agency
Ringsel is extremely agile and an expert in the art of stealth
When in the field ,Ringsel prefers to work alone

Ringsel is a silent Monster, who seems to have no distinct personality traits, it wanders around its/his domain rather silently, making little to no noise. Its/his facial expression never really changes, and upon spotting anyone, it will gaze at them with a hypnotic stare, which is the way Ringsel apparently attack their prey.

This gaze also serves as an offensive attack in the case of other people , making them implode violently after being
gazed at for a short while.

Ringsel's mere presence can instill paralysing fear and terror in most people, causing them to freeze in place until
they are killed



Ringsel’s Fanart